We want to thank God and give Him all the glory for these healings. We also want to thank those people who have given their permission to share their stories.

The First Person Healed at the “Drop In”

John is a member of the Beacon team. On the first Monday afternoon, as we started to pray, John collapsed on the sofa with a sudden migraine. He was groaning with pain and had to shield his head to try to keep out the light. We prayed for him and within minutes the pain had gone! On top of this, he has only had one minor migraine since that day. We thank God for what He did.

Eileen’s Healing

Eileen is also a member of Beacon. She had arthritis in her back for over 35 years and was often in a lot of pain. One Monday she arrived at St Luke’s but said she would have to go home again as the pain in her back was overwhelming. As a few of us prayed with her, she felt a warmth in her back. Then the pain disappeared. Not only that, she insisted in showing us that, for the first time in decades, she could now bend over and touch her toes!

If you have received prayer, through Beacon, and would like to share what God has done, please contact us.